Double Masters' Degree Program

Double Masters’ Degree Program (DDP) with Peking University

Since August 2013, NUS RMI has started a Double Masters’ Degree Program with Peking University’s HSBC Business School (PHBS), where NUS offers the MFE degree to pair with the PKU Master’s Degree in either Economics or Management.

Shenzhen-based PHBS uses English as a medium of instructions and is unique among its peers in its commitment to developing graduates who are superbly trained, bilingual, and culturally aware. Graduates from PHBS are prepared to take their places as leaders in their fields in China and around the world.

As with the existing MFE program, the DDP seeks to educate students as future leaders in the financial industry. To do this, the emphasis of the program will be not just on technical and theoretical knowledge, but on building a holistic understanding of financial markets and the financial industry. The DDP has the additional benefit of developing a second core competency aside from financial engineering in either economics or management.

This ensures that students will have both broad based knowledge and in-depth understanding, enabling them to be constructive and responsible leaders in the financial industry.

More details can be found at PHBS website.