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ISSUE 31 | May 2017

New Staff

Jiang Yuhan joined CRI’s IT & Data Management Team as a Research Analyst on 15 February 2017. Yuhan Jiang is currently studying the NUS MFE Program at RMI. She also holds an Honour’s Degree in Engineering from University of Michigan. She has previous work experience as Engineering Consultant in Norway and internship experience in financial sale-leaseback project.

Xu Zijun, Lisa joined the Credit Research Initiative (CRI)’s Market Monitoring Team as a Research Analyst starting 1 March 2017. Lisa has completed her Master’s Degree in Applied Economics at NUS in 2016. She has work experience in proposal writing, data analysis, office administration, and front-line reception as an intern during her undergraduate studies.

Lei Xiaoyu joined CRI’s Client Service Team on 7 March 2017 as a Research Analyst. Xiaoyu has recently obtained her Master of Science in Financial Engineering (MFE) degree from NUS. Prior to her MFE study, she worked for China Construction Bank.

Dr. Lee Hyun-Tak joined the CRI team on 9 March 2017 as a Research Fellow. Hyun-Tak obtained his PhD in Finance from Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), South Korea in February 2017. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Management Engineering from POSTECH in 2010. His research interest is in the field of financial economics, specifically asset pricing and investment theory.

Shao Hui joined RMI as a Research Assistant on 12 Apr 2017. A PhD candidate in Financial Mathematics from Peking University, China graduating in June 2017, he attained his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Nankai University, China in 2012. Prior to joining RMI, he was a Research Assistant in NUS Department of Mathematics. His primary research interests are in mathematical finance and economics. Currently, he is working on the several projects of decision theory and latent variable modeling.


A/P Jin Hanqing visited RMI as a Senior Research Fellow from 14 March to 13 April 2017. A/P Jin is currently an Associate Professor at the Mathematics Institute of University of Oxford. He obtained his PhD in System Engineering and Engineering Management, from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2004. His research interests include mathematical finance, behavioral finance, operation research, and applied stochastic analysis.

Dr. Li Bin visited RMI from 3 to 28 April 2017. Dr. Li is currently an Assistant Professor at the Statistics and Actuarial Science Department at University of Waterloo, Canada. He received his PhD in Applied Mathematical and Computational Sciences from University of Iowa in 2013. His research interests are in the fields of actuarial science, applied probability, and mathematical finance. In particular, his current research is mainly in insurance and finance driven problems using various stochastic control and stochastic analysis techniques.

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