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UBS’s Tommy Leung Talks to MFE Students about the Investment Banking Industry

On 20 January 2017, RMI hosted a talk by Mr. Tommy Leung, Managing Director and Head of APAC Credit Sales at UBS Investment Bank, for its Master of Science in Financial Engineering (MFE) students. The topic of this seminar was “Straight from the Gut – Lessons Learned from Two Decades in the Investment Banking Industry.”

Mr. Leung began the talk by sharing with the students his career path from a University of Chicago student to a UBS investment banker. He pointed out that a university degree although integral to one’s career, is “no longer a golden ticket to success in Singapore.” To make your career a holistic one it is important to consider several factors and develop various skills to compliment one’s education. He also mentioned that knowing what you want to do as a career is very important, along with getting to understand the sector you plan to enter at the beginning of your career. Some of the ways to do this, he said, are taking up multiple internships to test the waters as well as grasping any opportunity to network with both hands.

Mr. Leung then shared with the students some of the lessons he has learned during the course of his career. He began by saying that everyone has a career plan but it is never as straightforward as one would anticipate. He then stressed on the importance of travelling and how new places opens up new avenues of learning. Some of the other valuable advice that he imparted on the students was, take risks and have fun, be confident and straightforward, don’t stop learning and thinking, and most importantly, it is okay to be nice. He concluded the talk by saying that it is also always good to pass on your knowledge down to others whenever the opportunity presents and encourage teambuilding.

The students enjoyed the interactive nature of the talk and had many questions for Mr. Leung who answered them in a lively discussion following the talk. This was part of a series of MFE talks which feature senior practitioners from various industry sectors including private banking, investment banking, commercial banking and hedge fund. It is aligned with RMI’s continuous efforts to grow its career services for its MFE students.

Tommy Leung is a Managing Director and Head of APAC credit sales at UBS Investment Bank. He is responsible for leading the firm’s corporate bond and credit derivative business in Asia Pacific. Prior to his current role, Mr. Leung headed the European Credit Strategy team in London and served as a senior index trader in the U.S. during the global financial crisis. Mr. Leung started his Wall Street career in 2001 and spent his first six years at as a macro strategist. He holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Chicago and is a CFA charter holder.

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