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  Issue 25 | Archive November 2015

OCBC¡¯s CRO Vincent Choo Speaks to MFE Students

On 9 October 2015, Mr. Vincent Choo, Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation¡¯s (OCBC) Executive Vice President and Head of Group Risk Management gave a talk to a group of over 40 Master of Science in Financial Engineering (MFE) students on building sustainable risk management capabilities.

Mr. Vincent Choo¡¯s session provided the students with insights into some major changes that have taken place since the financial crisis. Mr. Choo especially focused on the changing role of professionals working in the field of financial risk management. He also shared his take on the key success factors in building a robust and sustainable risk management framework. He explained that these key factors were determined in view of OCBC¡¯s continuous strategic expansion and the market uncertainties in the region.

After sharing the key success factors in building an all-round risk management framework, Mr. Choo also discussed the qualities necessary for a risk manager in today¡¯s financial environment, with the audience consisting of future risk managers. He specifically discussed the skillsets that are critical to a competent risk manager, the importance for a risk manager to understand business, and touched upon restrictions of a siloed approach to risk management.

Mr. Choo, a veteran banker with vast experience in investment as well as commercial banking, also shared a wealth of career advice with the MFE students. He discussed his own career path from his 20 years working with Deutsche Bank AG and the various roles he has undertaken, to his joining OCBC in August 2014. As OCBC¡¯s Chief Risk Officer, he is responsible for overseeing Credit, Technology and Information Security, Liquidity, Markets, and Operational Risk Management.

¡°The career advice that Mr. Choo gave us was invaluable. His career trajectory was truly wholesome and painted a vivid picture of what career path and options lie ahead for professionals in the risk management field,¡± shared one MFE student after the talk.

Mr. Vincent Choo¡¯s speech followed another talk by two MFE Alumni, ¡°Embarking on a Trading-Related Career,¡± on 12 September 2015 featuring Mr. Xu Xiaoyi and Mr. Fang Zhen. Mr. Xu, who started work at Graticule Asset Management as an Analyst after graduating earlier this year, shared his MFE experience and provided his advice on establishing a foothold in the growing sector of fund management. Mr. Fang, a graduate from the class of 2014 and currently a trader with UOB, in hindsight, reviewed his MFE study and suggested that he would have studied even harder on acquiring more programming skills. He also discussed his strong interests in financial modelling and gave the audience a glimpse of a trader¡¯s daily life.

Such a variety of MFE talks are part of a new focus on career development for the program moving forward along with providing the students with a deeper understanding of the financial services industry. Featuring speakers consisting of senior practitioners and outstanding alumni, the talks aim to provide an invaluable means for current students to gain firsthand knowledge on establishing a career in the industry and how the NUS MFE program can help leverage their career profiles.

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