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  Issue 24 | Archive August 2015

New Faces @ RMI

New Staff

Chua Beng Yan joined RMI as the Senior Associate Director on 2 June 2015. Beng Yan is not new to RMI. She was Senior Associate Director of RMI from 2010 to 2012. Prior to her re-joining, she was the Senior Associate Director at Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy, NUS Business School. Beng Yan graduated from the National University of Singapore and holds professional qualification as a Chartered Accountant. She has more than 25 years of experience in audit, banking, management, and education. Beng Yan will be overseeing finance and human resource portfolios at RMI.

Khaw Ker Wei joined RMI as a Research Associate, beginning 15 June 2015. As someone with many interests, his five-year career in the finance industry is an attestation of his curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Graduated as an engineer in 2008, his first job brought him into internet commerce before he finally stepped into the finance industry a year later. The next five years were incredibly fulfilling for him as he took up roles in a global custodian bank, a European private equity house and a leading private bank – doing something different each time. Whatever theoretical knowledge that he lacked, he made it up by enrolling in the CFA Program and completing it in 2012. A firm believer in technology, Ker Wei is a casual programmer who dabbles in the odds and ends of the internet during his free time

Li Danqi joined RMI as a Research Analyst on 24 July 2015. She recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in quantitative finance from Department of Mathematics, NUS. Prior to joining RMI as a full time staff, she had worked in RMI validation team as a research intern for one year. She has a passion for modelling and programming, and would love to learn more about financial risk management. Danqi comes from Sichuan, China. In her leisure time, she enjoys sketching and singing.


Prof. Liu Hong is currently Professor of Finance at Washington University in St. Louis, where he has been Academic Director of the Master of Science in Finance Program since 2008. Prof. Liu’s research areas include optimal consumption and investment with frictions, asset pricing, and market microstructure. He has published in Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Economic Theory, and other leading academic journals. Professor Liu is the recipient of Management Science Distinguished Service Award (2013), TCFA Best Paper in Investment (2013), TCW Best Paper Award (2011), among others. He has also been on the editorial board of top international journals, including Review of Finance and Management Science. He visited RMI from 15 to 28 June 2015.

Prof. Michael Edward Sobel is a professor in the Department of Statistics at Columbia University. He has published extensively in the area of social statistics, particularly on structural equation models and categorical data analysis, and is a past editor of Sociological Methodology. His more recent work is in the area of causal inference, where he has published papers on mediation, compliance, interference, and longitudinal data analysis using fixed effects models. His most recent work takes up the subject of making causal inferences for fMRI data. He visited RMI from 10 to 27 July 2015.

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