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  Issue 22 | Archive February 2015

RMI Mobilizes Its Researchers to Conduct a Series of Seminars

Starting from November 2014, RMI has engaged its own researchers to present their respective research projects in a series of monthly research seminars. This initiative is part of the efforts RMI has put in to enhance the exchange of research ideas, and promote the productivity of the RMI research community.

In the past months, five speakers, consisting of RMI¡¯s affiliated researcher, professor, and research fellows, have presented their ongoing researches to a group of fellow RMI researchers and NUS academia. They include A/P Ajay Jasra on ¡°A Stable Particle Filter in High-Dimensions¡±, Prof. Duan Jin-Chuan on ¡°Predicting Recovery Rate at the Time of Corporate Default¡±, Dr. Wang Wei-Ting, Christine on ¡°Efficient Diversification under Almost Stochastic Dominance¡±, Dr. Eleni Sofokleous on ¡°Diversified Mergers and Default Risk¡±, and Dr. Yuan Xuchuan on ¡°Bonus Caps, Deferrals and Banks' Risk-Taking¡±.

¡°Although we already exchange research ideas informally, we hope that formal research seminars will lead to greater cross-disciplinary collaboration between different departments and faculties within NUS. By sharing our research across the NUS community, not just within our own departments, we can improve RMI¡¯s research output and also that of the individual faculties¡±, said A/P Robert Kimmel of the Finance Department, NUS Business School, and Deputy Director (Research) of RMI.

As a university-level research institute, RMI has established itself in the field of financial risk management as a leading knowledge centre. In the year of 2014, RMI has published a total of eight Tier 1 journal papers which were authored by its researchers.

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