• Good 4-year undergraduate degree or an honours degree.
  • Good GMAT* or GRE* score.
  • Good TOEFL* or IELTS* score if English was not the medium of instruction in undergraduate studies.
  • Relevant work experience will be an advantage

Foreign applicants are required to have an employment pass or dependent pass to be eligible for the part-time on-campus program. Foreign applicants are eligible for the full-time on-campus program and distance learning program.

  • For those who take the GMAT in Singapore, please select National University of Singapore - MS in Financial Engineering.
  • For the GRE, our institution code is 0677 and the department code is 4312.
  • For TOEFL, our institution code is 9087 and department code is 99.
  • For IELTS, our institution code is 0677.


Application for August 2017 intake is now open from 1 October 2016 to 15 March 2017. To apply for the MFE program, you must submit your application online here.

Do read the Step-by-Step Guide for MFE Application carefully to ensure that your application can be submitted successfully.

If you have updates to any information you have submitted or should you have any question about the application, please contact the MFE Admin Team at

More Details

Application Fee

Application fee is S$50.00 for an online application.


Applicants can submit the application by the deadlines for all modes of studies: full-time, part-time or via distance learning program.

Only completed application with ALL required documents received will be processed. Application status will be updated online as and when the physical documents have been verified. If you are concerned about the delivery of your documents, you may wish to consider sending them via registered mail or courier. Due to the number of applicants, we are sorry we will not be able to attend to individual enquiries by email or phone.

Application for scholarships

A list of scholarships available to MFE students are available here. Applicants who intend to apply for Finance Scholarship Program (Individual) by the Monetary Authority of Singapore should apply as early as possible.

Admission Results

Applicants will be informed of their respective Admission results starting from February. All applicants will be informed of their Admission Status latest by mid-June. Admission status will be updated online as and when it becomes available.

We look forward to receiving your application. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Important: The University has not engaged any external agencies to undertake student recruitment on its behalf. Candidates interested in our graduate programs are advised to apply directly to the University and not through any agents. Candidates who apply through agents will not have any added advantage in gaining admission and the University reserves the right to reject such applications without giving reasons.

Tuition Fees

The following fee structure applies:

Application Fee: SGD50
Admission Fee: SGD2,000 payable once the admission offer is accepted by the student (will be credited towards the payment of tuition for the first semester)
Tuition Fee*:

The total tuition fee for the whole program (inclusive of GST) is SGD40,000.

For the part-time program, the payment will be made by the following fixed installments:

  • SGD8,000 payable by July 2017
  • SGD10,000 payable by January 2018
  • SGD10,000 payable by July 2018
  • SGD10,000 payable by January 2019

For the full-time program, the payment will be made by the following fixed installments:

  • SGD18,000 payable by July 2017
  • SGD20,000 payable by January 2018

*Tuition Fee is locked in once the students enter the MFE Programme. We reserve the right to alter the fees for new incoming cohort.